Palaces of Yalta

Crimea Yalta embankment photo

After “a close edge” I left Sevastopol and went to the glorious city of Yalta.

Crimea Yalta embankment photo

Due to its compactness and location near the beautiful mountain, Yalta is extremely picturesque. In the streets of the city you can meet palm trees, which grow freely only on the south of Crimea, and this is just its southern tip. I firmly decided that the next time my “safe base” will be here.

Vorontsov Palace pond
photo Nikita Botanical Garden Yalta
Nikita Botanical Garden photo 2018

The southern coast of the Crimea, in particular – the vicinity of Yalta, has always been a favorite place for the creative work of the Russian intelligentsia. They came here to improve their state of mind … and create masterpieces of the classics. Like them, I also felt the whole peculiarity of the coast, and my return to the Crimea will be imminent. Sometimes I think to leaving the profession of an engineer and settling here on the seashore, listening to the call of the gulls and wandering under the shade of cypress trees.

Yalta, Livadia Palace photo

But if I stay in the Crimea, I will turn into a person who has ceased to notice the features of these places. Better to always come back again.

road to Yalta photo

Not only I have chosen the south coast, the Russian tsars will confirm this with their residences. This is the Livadia Palace, the residence of Nicolas the Second, as well as the meeting place of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill.

road to Yalta photo

Almost all the neighboring towns of Yalta have a palace. Vorontsov Palace is a vivid example of New Moorish style.

Vorontsov Palace in Crimea photo of the castle

beautiful places in the forest Yalta

And this is the palace of Tsar Alexander the Third. To palace can be reached only on foot or by your own transport, or on the expensive taxi of greedy southerners. But palace look like French.

Massandra Palace photo

Romantic castle. I would like to live in it, and I’m not alone. After the first visit, among other things, the castle could be called it’s my muse.

swallows nest beautiful photos

swallows nest beautiful photos

swallows nest beautiful photos

In the vicinity of Yalta, I also visited a winery, one of the best in the Crimea. Of course, if you live in Moscow or anywhere else, you can buy French wine. But for me it is not sweeter.

massandra sights photo

The wine cellars are very pleasant after the hot sun, but only for a while.

massandra factory photo

After my steppes from homeland, the mountains seem to me inaccessible and distant.

photo on petit ah grief

But only at the top you can breathe with a full breast.

Yalta mountain ah petri photo
ski lift ai petri
view from the mountain ah petri
cableway ai petri photo
cableway ai petri photo

Of course, I did not have time to visit the whole Crimea for a couple of trips. Its size is very impressive, it is the size of Israel. I traveled to Crimea with certain goals, which I achieved. I did not need to look for and photograph bad things.

Crimea is your Yalta

“Crimea is yours”

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