The southernmost part of the city is Cape Kherson and an authentic lighthouse.

Chersonesus lighthouse Sevastopol

The main bay of the city from the sea was protected by the mole.

view of the sea Sevastopol

In the past, the old majestic ravelins defend city from the human.

Museum of Konstantinovsky Sevastopol

“Attention! Driving military vehicles”

polygon Sevastopol

Sevastopol is the main naval base of the Black Sea fleet of Russia. I think this says a lot.

bay of warships sevastopol
Sevastopol photos of warships
submarine in the dock
bay of warships sevastopol

Sea giants can be seen, if you ride on a boat on the bay to the satellite town of Inkerman. In the bay frequent guests and sailing ships too.

sailboat Sevastopol
types of Sevastopol photo
Inkerman Bay
Inkerman Bay

The ship goes through the big bay for forty minutes and allows you to fully enjoy the views. As I visit Sevastopol, I certainly ride on it.

Basilica Chersonesos

The wars left their mark and influenced the city more than anything. The memory of them is the same part of the city as people or houses. Even the most ancient ruins bear the trail of that era.

4 bastion of Sevastopol

By visiting the city, you should definitely see the panorama of the defense of the city during the Crimean War. Panorama suffered during the Second World War, but was restored from the miraculously preserved parts of it. The huge guns of the Crimean War stand in the same place as in those fateful days, recalling what the city means to the Russians.
Remark: Leo Tolstoy himself commanded one of the batteries, being he young.
As in former times, Sevastopol (and, perhaps, the whole Crimea) is a tasty for other world powers.

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